Our Current Projects

Ecoclimate Teleconnections between Forest and Agriculture 


Project title: Revealing the Hidden Ecoclimate Teleconnections between Forest and Agriculture in the US Enables Novel Governance Strategies for a Telecoupled World


Funding agency: 

National Science Foundation (NSF)

The project

Hidden teleconnections between forests and agriculture provide an ideal context to study potential governance feedback responses to couplings across space. The long-term goals is to provide US policy makers with the knowledge and tools to manage telecoupled natural human systems. The specific aims are: (1) determine the ecoclimate teleconnections of forest die-off across the US, (2) quantify economic impacts of such changes on US agricultural yield and crop values in key regions; and (3) determine the political, institutional, and behavioral factors that may influence decision makers’ ability adaptively respond to telecoupled forest and agricultural systems.